Functional Marking Systems

Laser Marking | Thermal Transfer | Inkjet

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Omni-directional code counseling

Laser coding machine | Thermal transfer printing machine | Jet printer

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Traceability Solutions

Dynamic Traceability Systems

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Master Marking System Supplier

Industrial Coding Applications


From single product to whole package carton, coding and marking solutions can be applied to various packaging styles.

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Series of coding solutions for pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and cares, herbal pieces preparations.

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Cosmetics, Personal Care

Woojamark delivers the flexibility and efficiency that you need for your cosmetic products, washing article products, and personal care products.

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Agricultural Production

We can solve all of your coding and tracing needs for you seeds, fertilizer, chemical products.

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Package Printing

We offer ways to print variable bar codes and QR codes on your pre-made package, rolled film, woven bags, and cartons.

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Woojamark makes value for your products and brands.

Free QR Codes Managment

Free platform provided to creat and manage your QR codes for communication, promotion, and marketing.

One Item One Code

Unique code to every single one product is provided from product tracing system to gather tracable information and data during production, logistic, and sale stages.

Tracable Data Management

Every QR code is monitored and recorded through scanned time, territory, customer end, network analysis, consumption, and related competitors.

Coding for Marketing

Gathering data from customers faster and easier based on more flexible and efficient marketing preparation.

Product Tracing Solution

Our tracing solution can be applied in different stages including planting, cultivating, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, sales, customers from beginning to the real end.

Mobile Inspecting

Related fully information can be inspected by scanning the QR code through any mobile devices.

Brand Tracing Project

In addition to ensuring traceability of entire production lines, we offer other enterprise resource planning and managing system on marketing, financing, and supply chain.

Customized Solution

Customized system and software based on full analysis of needs and production flow of clients and companies.

Industrial Standard Solution

Recording and managing of tracing data can be completed meeting standard requirements from different industries.

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